Ira Bobrova

-This Year is the year of weddings for me. I don’t know why but at the same time several friends and even my cousins decided to get married this year. I was honored to be invited to these celebrations.

-Moreover, this year is the year of one unforgettable journey.

These moments are from my dream.

Something very intimate and private.


-Teaching Practice

As usual, some people are gone, some of them are still with me.

Conclusions, expectations…

Sorry, I’d not share it with you.

a moto of the YEAR 2021: Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.



Despite the fact that my teaching internship was over a month ago, still, I’d like to say a few words and share my experience.

First of all, reality met my expectations.

They were very different and diverse. Some of them were diligent, some of them were not. Anyway, all of them were kind and friendly.

2. teachers
They were well-qualified, well-experienced, well-educated, and professional. I am glad to have had such an opportunity to work with them.

3. school
I can’t say that the school was really very well-equipped. It was rather a problem to conduct classes in the classrooms, because of the lack of computers and other staff to make the classes interactive.

All in all, I faced some challenges. However, in general, my teaching experience was more or less delightful.




Apartheid in South Africa.
“Unlike in America, where anyone with one drop of black blood automatically became black, in South Africa mixed people came to be classified as their own separate group, neither black nor white but we call them ‘colored’ ”



Vocabulary sharing

“I’d have to duck and dive and dodge them as well, all the while screaming.”

I really like these verbs and their “gradation”.
to duck-to dive-to dodge

rebuke — the act of speaking angrily to someone because you disapprove of what they have said or done, or the things that someone says to show disapproval like this
Her statement drew a sharp rebuke from her husband.

secondhand car

We all know what it means. However, i decided to put it here, just because I found it interesting and really cool. And i like it.



Hello. My name is Martin. I am 11 y.o.
You can see me in the picture between my mother and my father. We came from a very poor country to seek our fortune here in the “Land of Opportunities”. My mom usually calls the USA in this way. You may ask why…Yes. Maybe that’s because they provide us a decent standart of living, food, opportunities to have a better life. Be in safety. Be happy.
I am not the one, who want to come from rags to riches. I just really desire
a better life. For me and my parents.




Students have to be paid for attending the university.

If you disagree with this statement , you will have some problems for sure. I promise.
Anyway, if you were a student, you also would love to have some money for just attending classes at the university.
Imagine, you will not have to come up with a story about your incurable desease, unbearable pain etc; or will mot have to tell your teacher: “I have some circumstances this morning,that’s why I could not physically and morally go to the university,because when I woke up and had some food for breakfast and then I accidentally broke my leg, finger, head whatever; and also my friend told me some bad news, I had a quarrel with my mom etc.
Thus, be patient with your nearest and dearest! Don’t quarrel with them!